If the Pacific Northwest’s hip-hop movement were to have a poster child, the Blue Scholars could fit the role admirably. Geologic’s (Geo) fluid, poetic lyrics merged with Sabzi’s (Saba) mixing attributes make way for an uncannily new sound that has been lacking in the modern hip hop scene.  The Seattle duo’s name is a play on the term “blue collar.” Consequently, the majority of tracks you’ll find relate to the struggle of the everyday middle class American.

Exhibit A: Opening Salvo.” –“Opening Salvo” Chorus

“Yeah, my people building monuments to weather the flood,

I’ma leave how I came screaming covered in blood.

Died once, born twice, both times we knuckled up,

Alongside our people we’re gonna struggle with love.”


Since forming in 2002, Blue Scholars have opened for and shared stages with influential artists including, Kayne West, Hieroglyphics, Immortal Technique, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, and Mos Def.  The Inflatable Ferret’s Hans Larsen sat down with them for a brief Q & A with Saba before their Lincoln show a sort while ago.

The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE : Brief Q & A with Saba (DJ)

IF: Favorite song that you made?

Saba: “Bananas” off the OOP! EP.

IF: What’s currently playing on the iPod?

Saba: Hmmm. A lot. Lets go with Magic System, Amadou & Mariam, Busy Signal, and Very Best.

IF: Sharing the stage with anyone. Who would it be?

Saba: Easy.. Tupac and Biggie. And perhaps the Four Tenors to open for us all.

IF: Influences in music/life? Run with it.

Saba: Bob Dylan, Alex Battles, and Fat Mike. One of those.

IF: What is the future of the Blue Scholars?

Saba: Dead or alive. Hahaha. Honestly, we want to do more than just create music. We want to continue growing and making music as well as art that people can really interact with.

Ferret and Bourbon Theatre pictures by Ryan Lewis

Geo, Hans, Saba, and Ryan Lewis post show.

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