Lockdown: Bachelor’s Grove

Zak has hired security personnel to man the perimeter of the cemetery for the Bachelor’s Grove lockdown. Ostensibly, the rent-a-cops have been contracted to preserve the purity of the investigation, but the parallel to the protest’s police barrier at the episode’s outset couldn’t be anymore obvious. Is Zak employing mercenaries to monopolize Bachelor’s Grove (he repeatedly and rather proudly boasts of the group’s exclusive investigative permission)? Is he barring out the fringe amateurs that have traditionally scoured the site, those “loonies,” those same outcasts he first set out to represent? Sergeant Joe & Co.’s use would become patently clear almost immediately, as an enigmatic and mobile light anomaly would require his analysis. “No, sir. You’re all by yourself,” Joe would radio in “approximately a mile,” ruling out all external possibilities.

Recall from last episode how Zak provided two different interpretations for the titular Midnight Special of Leadbelly’s folk song. In one, the train’s headlight was said to confer hope to those on whom its light shined. In the other, it cast a diversion to abet fleeing prisoners. The beacon of Bachelor’s Grove fulfills each, as a destination to which the crew move infused with youthful, sprightly zeal and as a magnet that pulls and saves them from the graveyard territory, the manifest domain of the dead. Is this perhaps the guiding light that will lead Zak from his purgatory of personhood and reignite his startup ambitions? It certainly appears so, for by the hunt’s end, though failing to locate the source it so valiantly sought, an EVP would manifest and corroborate the video evidence (below).

Lockdown: The Excalibur Nightclub

Back at Excalibur, however, the GAC would toil in vain for the overwhelming majority of the night, and the frustration and futility would all but completely zap the crew’s energy. Spurred by claims that an employee had been pushed over the railing, Zak mounts the balustrade, brashly daring the entity to do its worst. And in his pose, Zak most conspicuously portrays himself as a Christ-like figure, a sacrificial lamb in the name of paranormal revelation.

And that the devil doesn’t take the bait deters him not. The charade is over. Zak would fall down the club’s basement staircase once, but as without the seventh and ninth stations would it not be the full Passion, so Zak cannot hastily and irresponsibly ascribe a spiritual cause to an individual act devoid of discernible paranormal context. And rather than debase his past supernatural findings with the unsubstantial and sensational crap that the Excalibur produces, Zak thus turns his back on it and calls the investigation for what it is, “Whether or not it was ghosts, we just don’t have enough evidence to support it.”

There’s a segment in between walkthroughs where Zak fondly rekindles his childhood: his lunchtime barstool at the pizza shop counter, sidewalk sledding in snowy winters, his favorite poetry class at Glenbard High School. “It’s like time never passed,” he sentimentally remarks. He’s still the gangly, freakishly long-armed bird boy who volunteered to carry the banner in the 4th of July Parade, not because of the pay, but because of how it made him feel, much in the same way Sergeant Joe sincerely thanks the crew post-lockdown “for making me part of history.” “Excalibur Nightclub/Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery” is a reclamation of that kindling ambition. It’s a reiteration of the Ghost Adventures mission, with an added emphasis on the Adventure. And last, it’s a reencounter of that halcyon digest: for the GAC, a nostalgic reminder of that first EVP, but more generally, the moment you realize you’re always in dialogue with history “like time never passed.”

You can catch the next all new episode of Ghost Adventures (“Tor House”) this Friday September 28 at 9/8c on the Travel Channel. Look forward to the review Monday.

For last week’s episode review: S07E01:”Central Unit Prison”

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