photo by Chrissy Piper

Mountain Goats brains John Darnielle only recently got a twitter account, and already he has made far better use of it than Kanye West.  As Pitchfork points out, Darnielle posted the following on his twitter:”4 sessions/4 studios, FL to MA. thirteen songs escaped alive Laurie Strode-style.”  That’s in reference to the recently recorded Mountain Goats album – yes, remember the Goats are just a tad more prolific than Guns ‘N’ Roses.  Darnielle has always expressed an undying love of metal, demonstrated further by his contributions to metal magazine, Decibel. And on this last record he hooked up with one of the genre’s finest: Hate Eternal‘s Erik Rutan.

What effect that has on the album will remain a tantalizing secret, I suppose, until we hear any of the material.  In the meantime, you can catch up on last year’s Life of the World to Come and watch this funny video from the whole Mountain Goats crew, including Rutan and engineer Brandon Eggleston.

Hey, America from JD on Vimeo.

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