Much like album artwork, music videos have not faltered, even with the death of MTV and the prevalence of digital music formats.  If anything, social media and Internet video sites have given music videos an even greater viaduct to reach eager eyes throughout the world.  2010 saw tons of brilliant videos, and we have picked our 25 favorite of the year.  Watch numbers 25-11 below.

25. Hot Chip – “I Feel Better”
Directed by: Peter Serafinowicz

Hot Chip pokes fun at themselves and boy bands with this strange and comical video.  To explain further, here’s what Youtube user Im2Godly4U has to say about it: “Wtf? 4 gay guys singing. Then voldemort shows up and has a dance off, blasts them in the face with his shoop da whoop thing. and then Gnarles Barkly comes and blows shit up? This video is amazing…”  Well said.

24. Insane Clown Posse – “Miracles”
Directed by: Paul Andresen

This video could have easily been number 15, 10, 5, or 1.  But in truth, it transcends rank.  Last year IF’s Pat Passarelli found out what ICP was up to, but he never could have seen this coming.  Just a few marvelous lines from the year’s greatest song and video.

“I fed a fish to a pelican at Frisco Bay.  It tried to eat my cellphone.” “He ran away.”

“Music is a lot like love.  It’s all a feeling.  And it fills the room from the floor to the ceiling.”

“Water, fire, air, and dirt.  Fuckin’ magnets.  How do they work?”

“Shaggy’s little boys look just like Shaggy.  And my little boy looks just like Daddy.”

23. Willow Smith – “Whip My Hair”
Directed by: Ray Kay

You’ve got to hand it to the little 10-year old.  Will Smith’s daughter or not, 30 million views is quite impressive.  Just to give you an idea of just how ubiquitous Willow has been this year, the advertisement that precedes the “Whip My Hair” video on Youtube is an advertisement for the “Whip My Hair” video.  And as annoying as the song can get, the video is pretty cool.

22. Delorean – “Real Love”
Directed by: Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell

A brilliant song from a brilliant album.  What more can one add to such a gem?  Ah, yes.  Dogs.

21. How to Destroy Angels – “The Space in Between”
Directed by: Rupert Sanders

As Trent Reznor looks to reclaim his throne, he is enlisting some brilliant supporting artists, both visual and musical.

20. Junip – “Always”
Directed by: Filip and Andreas Nilsson

José González’s old band returned this year, and “Always” is one of the reunion’s highlights.  The video, both creepy and funny in the same light as Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better,” features the trio participating in the world Air Guitar competition against its will.

19. LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls”
Directed by: Spike Jonze and James Murphy

Are those polar bears or aliens?

18. Klaxons – “Twin Flames” (Not Safe for Work)
Directed by: Saam Farahmand

This one goes in the “disturbing but mesmerizing” section.  Proceed with caution.

17. Janelle Monáe – “Tightrope” (feat. Big Boi)
Directed by: Wendy Morgan

The soul queen struts her stuff as she desperately avoids mirror-faced, dance-hating dementors.  Nice moves.

16. The Black Keys – “Tighten Up”
Directed by: Chris Marrs Piliero

It was a tough decision between this one and “Tighten Up,” but tie goes to Frank, the dinosaur.

15. Josh Ritter – “The Curse”
Directed by Liam Hurley

A touching tale of a mummy and his living lover.  Well, not all that touching, but the puppetry is impressive.

14. Hollerado – “Americanarama”
Directed by: Greg Jardin

All in one shot.

13. Liars – “Scissor”
Directed by: Andy Bruntel

Bruntel’s frantic short film works perfectly with Liars’ powerful, perturbing texture.

12. LBCK – “Start”
Directed by: Leah McKissock

A colorful and beautifully flowing visual sidekick to Alex Noblé’s and Mike Lucas’ debut track.

11. Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”
Directed by: Spike Jonze

Taken Jonze’s short film, Scenes from the Suburbs, the video was made to fit Win Butler and company’s title track from 2010’s The Suburbs.

For 10-1 click here.

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