Welcome back, K’NAAN. Despite last releasing an album in 2009, the Dusty Foot Philosopher seems more ready than ever to make his presence known in the rap game, but instead of me mincing his words, I’ll let you read for yourself.

“Dear supporters,
I spent the last year living my life, observing other lives, changing, evolving, then breaking down to the basics. I’ve been good and ugly, sometimes couldn’t tell which was which. I felt the oldest pain in the world for the first time, and found myself lost. All the while, through all the changes the only thing which remained consistent was being in the studio. I sometimes took a matter seriously, and when I realized that the matter was me, I laughed hysterically. I wrote about 60 songs or so. Some of them will probably never be heard by ears other than mine, but some I am now ready to share. I’m releasing an EP titled MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SILENCE. It features tracks with Nelly Furtado, Nas, and production by Ryan Tedder and Chuck Harmony. It’s available exclusively on iTunes on January 24th, but right now, Complexis going to premier the absolute very FIRST song from the EP: “Nothing To Lose” Featuring Nas! … Man, I can’t rant on here cause it ain’t my twitter, BUT… just know that this is a gigantic moment for your boy, cause Nas is one of the reasons why I’m so slick with this English language right here!Enjoy the song and get yourself the EP on the 24th of January.”

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