Between 2006-2009 Vocalist Symmetry and producer Ryan Lewis crafted their debut LP. “The duo has somehow managed to evoke just about every decade of popular music, coating each audible memory into a hyper-real representation of an era that never existed, a pastiche of allusions to the roaring 30s, the rock of the 60s and 70s, and the alternative revolution of the early 90s, all accomplished while remaining firmly rooted in the sonics of modern hip hop. Put simply, this may be the only record you’ll ever hear that will both rattle your sub woofers and make you crave a mint julep.” Josh Karp — (Lewis’ Myspace)

Song – ” Fireflies

Ryan Lewis is an award-winning producer, photographer, and designer living in Seattle. Ryan Lewis Productions began in 2005 promoting artists, marketing, and helping clients become competitive in an ever growing, visually stimulus world. He’s worked in conjunction with International Justice MissionVeatch DesignJkoePhotoThe Stranger and many other organizations. His photography has appeared in The L.A. Times, The Seattle Times, The P.I., Rawkus Records,, and other press outlets.

F0r the free download visit …..Ryan’s Myspace …..

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