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October, an optimistic improvement of this year’s September.

October 3

Gone Girl

gone girl

Time-tested, critic-approved: When David Fincher makes a movie, you see it. His adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller should fit snugly in his world of dark fiction. As entertaining and expansive as some of his projects can be, his fascination with simple human nature and how it drives or destroys relationships has remained the subject of his lens. Coming off the heels of The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl makes complete sense. The concern is the story’s non-linear and alternating narration, which does not make for an easy conversion to the big screen. Luckily with Flynn providing the screenplay, we shouldn’t see the novel’s unflinching character study or endless tension sacrificed.

Learn more about Amy Elliott Dunne.

October 10



I’m admittedly terrified of this pick. Winner of Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize and festival favorite, Whiplash pits eager jazz drummer (Miles Teller) against explosively violent, perfectionist instructor (J.K. Simmons). The buzz around this project has been deafening, and with Teller’s breakout performance in last year’s The Spectacular Now, gripping is sure to be an understatement.

Watch its unsettling trailer here.
(This film has a limited release)

October 17



Inarritu can be hit or miss (21 Grams vs Babel), but his latest, now offering a sense of humor, looks so insane and particularly envisioned that we cannot look away. Michael Keaton has been without a memorable performance in years, and now joined with a knock-out cast, it’s expected that this saga of a washed-up actor trying to reclaim his stardom should come with interesting connotations, specifically in our time of celebrity gazing and superhero exploitation. And no, unfortunately this is not the same character as the one below.

Watch the real Birdman‘s preview here.
(This film has a limited release)

October 24

Kingsman: The Secret Service


Originally set for an October release, the internet has provided some conflicting information (a tentative Winter 2015 push-back), so we’ve made two picks for this weekend. Kingsman: The Secret Service appears to be another slick action piece from director Matthew Vaughn (X-men: First Class, Layer Cake), who has payed close attention to character among his barrage of stunts and CGI (let’s just ignore Kick Ass as being one of his). His latest draws from comic books once again, now substituting Xavier’s mansion for another secret society of assassin trained and seemingly punkish youngsters, recruited by Colin Firth.

Become a Kingsman.

White Bird in a Blizzard

white bird in a blizzard1

He’s not a director for the masses, but there’s no denying that Gregg Araki (The Doom Generation) creates some of the most unique atmospheres in modern cinema. Working with one of his more recognizable casts to date (Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Thomas Jane, Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe) and ostensibly his largest budget, the result should be, at the least, interesting. Based on the novel of the same name, it is a twisted, coming-of-age thriller, which sounds exactly like what Araki revels in.

Here’s its haunting trailer.

October 31



We can’t deny that the above picture is pretty funny. But all irony aside, we are looking forward to Jake Gyllenhaal’s newest outing. If he can nail this deranged performance, a media hungry sociopath who will stop at nothing to manipulate and create the most appetizing news headline, the film should just about form around him.

A glimpse at this LA-infused thriller.

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