Words: Amy Keresztes

This week I was headed in a very Smog direction, until my lovely sister sent me the link to a song by Electric Guest called “This Head I Hold.”

Before I could be annoyed that she “discovered” something before I did, the pleasures of the song took over. How could anyone deny the instant crush one gets on a tinkling keyboard, snappy percussion, hand claps, and a velvet-smooth falsetto from a groovy frontman vocalist? It’s good clean fun, quite simply. And pretty soon I had it on repeat.

Electric Guest is LA-based Asa Taccone and Matt Compton, relative newcomers to the scene, whose Danger Mouse-produced debut LP Mondo is out April 24.

“I came from an indie rock background and a love for ‘60s-era French pop,” Compton says in an interview with Black Book. “And Asa came from a hip-hop and soul background. So there’s a little bit of everything on this album.”

Taccone has a remarkably soulful voice, and a charmingly energetic physical presence, if the music video for this song is any indication. In “This Head I Hold,” he’s a reincarnation of a 60s Motown crooner who took a love train to the postmodern-digital-DIY era and met a wildly enthusiastic percussionist with a penchant for syncopation. It’s a beautiful marriage.

It’s also one of the least polarizing tracks I’ve encountered in recent memory. My classical musician friends love it; my indie-snob friends love it; the small number of teenagers I am acquainted with LOVE it; and I have a feeling our parents are going to love it. Maybe that’s exactly what our über-fragmented music world needs right now: something everyone can agree on.

Post-script: Blogger Auditory Escapade says it better than I was about to. “Blogged my way to this funky, catchy tune, and I abused of the replay button a little whilst doing awkward dance moves in my room.”

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