IF’s Amy Keresztes has moved on to bigger and better things and thus will no longer be your Sunday morning DJ.  We do, however, still have a few of her old song selections that slipped through the cracks.  So in celebration of all the good times with the Amester, we will be publishing them in the coming weeks before spreading the Sunday morning love.

Words: Amy Keresztes

My taste does run obscure at times, but the reason you haven’t heard of the Sound Tribe is because they formed earlier this year and have not released any recorded material until now.

The group, an eclectic mix of friends from the Hudson Valley, got together during the winter holidays of their universities and started jamming. A performance at a local cafe led to long nights and marathon writing and playing sessions, and months later, thanks to the finishing touches of Josh Cohen, their E.P. can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

The song I’m thinking about this morning is ‘Smoke.’ I can’t say it’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before, but the familiarity in its mournful nostalgia feels reassuring instead of recycled.

The song perfectly encapsulates the bitter sweetness of a first love lost and looked back upon. Fittingly, it is unclear at this point if the Tribe will reunite; perhaps that one month of jamming was their only moment. (I got lucky; since vocalist Tomás Kerr is my cousin, I enjoyed a live kitchen performance during their heyday.) The beauty of the Tribe is their assurance that something so lovely and fun doesn’t need to last forever.

Kayla Noble’s ethereal vocals shimmer in the background like a ghost, adding to the the transience of the sound. Tomás Kerr as lead singer is a powerhouse (particularly on the track ‘Sea Salt’) but here he restrains his voice, tempering it with a wistful sweetness. The cello, which to me has always been the instrument of romantic nostalgia, perfectly suits the finely arranged accompaniment.

Do yourselves a favor and check out the rest of the E.P., which, at risk of sounding like a 75-year-old, is at times frankly rollicking. You’ll wish you could jump in and make exuberant music with them.

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