Words: Amy Kerezstes

Sometimes you get to meet the musicians you really like, and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you just end up sitting in their general vicinity while they play a very good acoustic set at a student union house of an agricultural university in rural Sweden. An experience you’re all surely had.

If not, I’m talking about Calle Lundgren of the Swedish band Vit Päls, (White Fur) whom I had the pleasure of seeing live a few weeks ago. The band formed in 2004 in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The band has consisted of many members over the years, but is officially now seven. As lead singer, Lundgren makes occasional solo appearances, such as the one I semi-wittingly turned up to. On the Swedish scene, Vit Päls is actually quite well-known and popular, but the band maintains a very low-key presence and makes you feel like they’re just normal folks doing a job they quietly enjoy.

I’ll give you this song because it’s a great example of Vit Päls’ style. That is to say: deadpan, self-deprecating, quirky-catchy without being obnoxious or overly cutesy, laced with easy rhythms and a feel-good round of ‘la-la-la’  at the end. In Lundgren’s case, you can’t tell if his somewhat poker-faced, unassuming demeanor is a put-on or his true stage self but it adds to the lovely modesty of the Vit Päls sound.

And yes, the people here really tend to wear cool sweaters and the language really is that charming, sung or spoken. You can enjoy it even if you don’t have the nerve to go up and introduce yourself to the singer, even after the second glass of wine.


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