Words: Amy Keresztes

Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum, whose admirable 2010 record Gemini gave me instant heart palpitations from the very beginning. Judging by the sound of his latest track “Nowhere” from the recently released single of the same name, he’s back at it. The song is full and satisfying from start to finish, with rich, warm Americana accents and a healthy dose of twang. I can imagine critics calling it formulaic and safe, but it’s a kind of safety that works, especially because it’s a charming novelty when contrasted with his earlier work. The guest vocals of Andrea Estella, who is immediately recognizable as the gentle drowse-inducing lead of Twin Sister, add an even richer depth to the completeness of the song.

It’s far less hazy and ethereal than any of the tracks from Gemini, but it’s that very grounded quality that gives the track its charm. It’s worth noting that this is Tatum’s first foray into the recording studio, which might also explain the newfound solidity, as he can no longer be thought of as a bedroom artist. Wild Nothing seems to have dropped through the stratosphere a bit, into a reality redolent with jangly guitar, driving percussion, and a wash of melodica.The result is like waking up from a dream, into a sunlit, lovely, and very earthy reality.

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