Words: Michael Balakonis


The year is 1984. The Russians are boycotting the Los Angeles Olympics; Reagan is president, and the Cold War powers have moved espionage to a new battlefield: pop music. The most notable spies of this era are Carey Hart and Gaynor Hopkins, better known as Bonnie Tyler.

Canadian born Corey Hart was approached by an unnamed American “Intelligence Agency” in January of 1983. Corey recalls that “the Americans knew they had the raw power of synth rock at their disposal when they got a hold me, eh? They told me the situation, and I gave it the ol’ deke-left, deke-right, five hole, and I got nothin’ but net with that song.” Corey’s nonchalant attitude is humbling; however, his contribution to American security is paramount.

The early 80s was a troubling time for American security. Russian spies came tumbling pell-mell into the heartland of the United States. “You see, the Russians were not only great spies, but they were great navigators of pop-culture. They were in Hollywood, the drug cartels, and most notably, the club scene” says Anonymous-1. “You could always spot the Russians by their sunglasses. It didn’t matter what time of day, in doors, outdoors, they all wore the same black Ray Bands. That’s where Corey came in, and that’s how ‘Operation Looking Good, Feelin’ Good’ got started.”

The Americans’ genius plan was simple. Beat the Russians at their own game. Instead of hunting down all the Russians, the Americans made Ray Bands so popular that they lost their power as a spy signal. “It was horrible,” Anonymous-2 recalls. “The Ray Band was our secret symbol. If I was looking for my contact I would look for the man in shades. It was all so simple, but then that song came out, every man was a man in shades now. I lost all contact with the KGB for a year and a half, and so did many of my comrades.”

With the Russian Spies lost and confused in enemy territory, some of them had no choice but to defect; some, however, held out for a H.E.R.O.

….To be continued

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