Words: Devin Kelly

Lately I’ve been imagining Sunday mornings in different cities. Lazy Sundays in Paris, New Orleans, smaller cities where people don’t show themselves. Here are five songs for a Sunday in a different place than the one you are waking in, five songs that hopefully let you daydream your way into a better place, and then back again.

Belle & Sebastian – “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (feat Norah Jones)”

This song is an old guilty pleasure of mine, and it takes me somewhere, though it’s hard to pinpoint the place. Somewhere outside, sipping a hot drink, reading in the morning, watching people go by. Wake up to this and let the light in, and then maybe play it back at night when you’re trying to go to sleep.

Grouper – “Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping”

Liz Harris released this song as Grouper back in 2008, and the washed ambience of it captures that mood at daybreak when things nestle into that blank space between dreams and reality. The song has some subtle beautiful quality about it that makes you wonder, when it’s over, if you heard it at all.

Mark Kozelek & Desertshore – “Mariette”

“Mariette” is probably Kozelek’s best song of the year, his wit and detail at its finest. Sometimes I put this song on repeat while I fry eggs and play through Kozelek’s images as if they were my own, as if there was a Mariette I knew begging to be married, as if I just woke up in New Orleans.

Neva Dinova – “Yellow Datsun”

I rediscovered this song after remembering my friend Pat burned it for me on a mix CD sometime around 8th grade, and now it comes up almost every morning. It’s short, witty, beautiful, and near-perfect. Best of all, on good days, it’s a song you can pick up your cat and dance around to, and on bad days, it’s a song you can shuffle to slowly on your way from the bed to the shower.

Kevin Morby – “Miles, Miles Miles”

This languid waltz is a gorgeous, burning number to walk around to on some weekend morning. Coming from Morby’s debut album, “Harlem River,” it has to be one of my favorite songs of the year. It’s warm enough to make you want to sit for a long while but also driving and rhythmic and melodic enough to make you want to go outside.

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