Words: Amy Keresztes

This week I’ve been volunteering at and attending screenings of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, an amazing week-long event that showcases the best in short film by directors both famous and amateur, in all categories, for all ages, from all around the world.

One film that really stood out among the dozens I’ve seen takes its name and inspiration from my selection for this Sunday: the Buzzcocks’ “Love You More.” Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood of Nowhere Boy fame, Love You More is centered around the Buzzcocks song of the same name, in which two English high school students have their first sexual encounter while the song, released that very day, plays on repeat.

Here’s a preview of the film, which heats right up as soon as they put the record on:

Love You More preview from Matt Cooper on Vimeo.

The film is great all the way through, but one particular highlight is the cameo appearance of Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley as a customer in the record store. It’s an exhilarating, hectic and perfectly imperfect first sexual adventure, and making this song the centerpiece only heightens the infectious fun of it all . The song’s short duration and simple, repetitive chorus and abrupt ending make it endlessly re-playable and fills any space with exuberance. (Just try not to sing along with the “Oh-oh!”). I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since seeing the film, and neither will you.

To hear the whole song, check out this 1978 Top of the Pops appearance, and revel in the dancing of the crowd.

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