“Sunday Morning Song Selection” is a new installment where IF’s Sweden correspondent, Amy Keresztes, gets up super early on Sunday (after all, she has a six hour head start) to share one of her favorite songs.  This week, it’s Minks’ “Araby.”

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of “autumnal” music for a month now. Something about the changing colors, the sun through the morning fog, the Swedish sunset happening earlier and earlier each night; it all seems so conducive to heavy aural engagement. Some songs are clearly early spring material, some are summer driving with the windows down, but it’s the autumn ones that have my heart of late.

This song, “Araby” (which I literarily admire for being a reference to the James Joyce short story from Dubliners) is everything an autumn Sunday-morning song should be. Subdued enough for sleepiness but with a quiet, consistent energy and waves of wistful nostalgia. “Araby” is minimalist, jangly, reverb-y, gentle, dreamy. And imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered that By the Hedge, Minks‘ 2011 debut record, is equally good all the way through.

Goes well with: a cup of strong tea, sunlight coming through your curtains, plans for a walk through the rustling leaves at dusk.

MINKS “Araby” by user5012449

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