Words: Amy Keresztes

Right now I’m in Stuttgart, Germany visiting one of my best friends, and this weekend’s song is in her honor. In between delicious local brews, seasonal mulled gluwein, and hearty helpings of KäsespätzleI’ve been thinking of this song by the ubiquitous The Weeknd, which has always reminded me of my lovely host, who loves a good night out dancing and embodies the line “high heeled shoes make you six feet tall/ everybody wants you, you can have them all.”

It’s a mellow, sexy, seven-and-a-half minute jam, which begins with a re-work of the Beach House gem “Master of None.” (I’m sure I’ll wax poetic about the brilliance of Beach House another Sunday morning.) The hushed, breathy vocals, the lingering phrases, the perfectly mopey strains of “Master of None” in the background– then, that transition after the 3-minute mark bringing the song to a stripped-down, slow-jam sensation. and those escalating drums with the sultry refrain of “oh you” for the last several minutes– it’s fun, sensual, and has all the impulsive warmth of a mid-November fling.

Perfect for: closing down the club.

Alternatively, spending a crisp, foggy November weekend in a charming German city, catching up on heaps of gossip and laughter.
The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party by The_Weeknd

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