Words: Amy Keresztes

I have been a fan of Woodpigeon’s smoky vocals, twinkling rhythms, and bittersweet lyrics since discovering the eight-piece group from Calgary from a friend in high school (and feeling like we had a delicious secret). A handcrafted folk-pop vibe and whimsical, long titles, make comparisons to Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine inevitable, but the band’s sound is versatile: as much at home in the washed-out suburbs with Arcade Fire as in a cabin in the woods with Bon Iver, and the tracks on any given record are varied in sound, tempo, and style, revealing an impressive breadth. The band’s music is a spare kind of lushness that washes over you, regardless of where you are in the world.

On that note: as an expat I’m feeling the “stupid little search for a place,” as this song puts it, more and more every day. But I also worry about over-romanticizing the places I lived before. This song perfectly encapsulates these twin anxieties, and the bittersweet contrast between the soaring choral “la-da-da” of the final bars and the lyrical message “no one wants you once you’ve gone” (dig that off-centered assonance rhyme!) pack a real emotional wallop.

This fetching song and the charmingly animated video are perfect for: a gloomy November morning; realizing that everyone in your hometown will be gathered there for Thanksgiving this week; and/or for leafing through old letters and photographs while spilling tears into your coffee.

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