What a Tuesday in the city of Manchester. The Red Devils and Blues both emerged victorious from Champions League Group Stage matches, and even more, Madchester pioneers The Stone Roses announced the end of a 15 year breakup with a worldwide tour starting next June 29th and 30th at Manchester’s own Heaton Park. I don’t know about you, but for me, that curious intrigue I felt during my first Stones Roses exposure has fully returned.

Any long-anticipated confirmation is satisfying, but the public way such an aloof quartet advertised is especially interesting. I can’t help but revisit my precocious 14-year-old self, cloistered in the basement and brimming with skip button trigger-happy glee as I indiscriminately cut off the likes of Hoobastank, Three Days Grace, Disturbed and God knows who else on some primitive Yahoo media player “alt” station. Every so often I’d happen across some authentic gem, and in the case of the Stone Roses’ “Fool’s Gold”, I thought I had found some kind of missing link. I couldn’t quite articulate the ingenuity of the acid house, psychedelic jam band forerunners then, but I definitely felt how they simultaneously repelled and captivated me.

That contradiction appeared to present itself in the press conference. The gang seemed personable, despite a media relation history that suggests otherwise. They cracked self-depricating jokes, spoke candidly, and looked sincerely happy to be united again. John even suggested that Ian and he were writing together again, and if that’s the honest case, then we’ve got a a hell of a reunion tour to look forward, too.

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