They Say It’s Your Birthday: 25-11
Words: Taylor Catalana, James Passarelli, and Ryan Waring

In September of this year, the Inflatable Ferret turned one.  And to celebrate, we picked the best songs in the first year of our existence (September 9th, 2009 – September 9th, 2010).  The following is from Volume II, No. 8, our first anniversary issue.

We would probably be lying if we told you that when we started publishing a year ago we never imagined we would have lasted this long.  We never would have started had we expected it to be a short stint.  Still, we’re quite excited to be able to celebrate our first anniversary.  And in honor of an excellent year passed, we decided to come up with our favorite twenty-five songs that have been released since the day we first published (September 9th, 2009 for those of you keeping track, which means “Empire State of Mind” is one day too early).  It was tough to whittle it down to twenty-five, and we’re proud of all the artists out there who continue to disprove proclamations that music is dead.  Because when music dies, we die.  And we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

photo by Nino P

25. The Books – “A Cold Freezin’ Night”

One can only describe this mangled, hyperactive, far-flung toe-tapper as the successful fusion of the discomforting hilarity of Wondershowzen meeting the swaggering bass of Yello’s “Oh Yeah.” “A Cold Freezin’ Night” is truly a head scratching, yet undeniably infectious track.


photo by Autumn de Wilde

24. Spoon – “The Mystery Zone”

The bass-led track always seems to be each Spoon release’s best. Transference sticks with the trend. Rob Pope’s groovy, snaking, unpredictable bass line really dictates an aptly-titled spookfest. That ending isn’t so much abrupt because it cuts Britt Daniel off mid-sentence, it’s because it stops you mid-step.


photo by Wendy Lynch

23. The New Pornographers – “Crash Years”

Brilliantly synchronized bass drum and violin, a steady strumming acoustic guitar, and Neko Case’s transcendental voice make “Crash Years” exceptional. Add some dreadfully catchy end-of-the-chorus whistling, and you’ve got the best pure indie pop song of the year.


22. Laura Marling – “Devil’s Spoke”

In a world of Ke$has, Mileys, and Gagas, British chanteuse Laura Marling operates like an old school oracle. “Devil’s Spoke”, off of her second album, is part primal chant, part epic anthem. Every beat offers sex, sin, and the sultry enchantment of her voice.


21. Alberta Cross – “Rise From the Shadows”

It’s been almost a year since the Brooklyn newcomers released their neo-classic debut album Broken Side of Time. Regardless, none of the ten songs has lost its luster.  Petter Ericson Stakee’s undulating “ooh”s and Terry Wolfers’ sludgy bass line immortalize this one in particular. “Rise from the Shadows” is soul personified.


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[…] – September 9th, 2010).  The following is from Volume II, No. 8, our first anniversary issue. (read 25-11 here) photo by Chris […]

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