Excerpt from PM’s blog:

We’re back home in New Jersey. It’s not quite as warm as Austin was, but we love it anyway and it’s good to be back. We completed recording our second album halfway through March, at a place called Wire Recordings in Austin TX. Between the gear they had, and the people who worked there with us, it was everything we could have wanted. The location was wonderful. There were lots of delicious food options within walking distance, and plenty of coffee. Wire, as you can see in the photos, is very low key. There’s no sign outside. It doesn’t feel like a big deal. It doesn’t feel sterile or untouchable. It feels like a friend owns it. It feels like we can touch it, twist it, use it to get what we want out of it. So that’s exactly what we did.

We tracked 15 songs. Live, mostly. We tracked basically everything in a little under a weeks time. Including setups and changeovers and the inevitable unforeseen setbacks, basic tracking was done in about 2 weeks. Then we basically spent the next 3 weeks doing overdubs that we wanted to do, including synths, additional guitars or percussive elements, pianos and keys, and vocals. We learned about analog sequencers. We experimented with amp setups and production techniques. We taught ourselves to play instruments we’d never laid hands on before. We blew up amps and ripped speaker cones and burned tubes out and cracked steel snare drums. We went into a giant green screen sound stage and slammed things around to track the tremendous reverb and delay that can’t be simulated. A friend in Austin, who engineers for Charlie Sexton, lent us just the amp and guitar we wanted badly but couldn’t find anywhere else. Our tremendously talented friends Anton and Lewis Patzner, from the string metal trio Judgement Day, came in and we arranged and tracked strings in one day.

All in all, after 5 weeks, we had completely finished everything. Now it’s being mixed, and we’re focusing on artwork and re-learning how to play the songs.

For now, however, we offer you this collection of photos. The full gallery can be seen here: GALLERY 1

Next week we’ll put up another gallery of photos. Also we’ll soon be putting up a series of video previews of the album.

Thank you for your patience and support, and we’ll see you very soon.


The Parlor Mob

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