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Our Halloween issue wouldn’t be complete without checking back on quite possibly the scariest band of the late 90s.  Everyone has been asking, but no one’s bothered to look into the matter: WHERE IS THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE NOW?  If you guessed that Big Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were running an independent professional wrestling promotion, everyone probably thought you were crazy, and you probably know too much about ICP.

Don’t worry – the kings of horrorcore are still in the music business, but these days they sound more like Montell Jordan than their former wicked selves.  Out this past August, Bang! Pow! Boom! features a side of ICP we’ve never seen before while still allowing the band’s fundamental musical violence to meander darkly down our ear canals.  “Freaky Creep Show”, a song title that finally encapsulates the nature of the band, still has “got the blood that oozes slow” while the soft-sounding Miracles celebrates the “mountain trees the seven seas, and everything chillin under water please.” Montell Jordan?  I guess Lord Byron after a chocolate Dutch blunt is more accurate.

Despite the soft turn in tone, ICP is still known to pack the seats with young and old screaming for the seasoned demons.  Rowdy young and old I should say, as the duo’s charged spectacles typically result in some type of injury.  Just last year seven people were hospitalized after an ICP show, fueling passionate reactions from ICP message-boarders: “They’re juggalos they dont give a damn they went to the hospital…they got to see ICP!!” “ Those whacked-out wiggers need to stay out of my town… if I met one in person I would take a baseball bat upside their freaky wigger-klown head!!!”

I tried to reach ICP for a direct comment on their involvement in wrestling and the wild atmosphere of their shows by “jumping up on the mother fucking Insane Clown Posse hotline” like a true fan. Unfortunately, the guys are on the road and had only a recording to offer their devoted “juggalos and juggalettes.” From the four-minute or so lyrical rant I could discern a few classic messages  (“Lay the pavement down, lay the road down for the massive devastation of the Insane Clown PossEE!”) and a quick interview with Detroit’s DJ Clay, who has been touring with his clown buddies in since 2006. When asked the “personal” question of “What is going on in the world of DJ Clay?” he had quite a lot to say. I dare not paraphrase: Let me tell you what’s going on in the world of DJ clay right now. And when I say right now, I mean right now [interjection: NOW], exactly at this moment. At this exact moment I am smoking some of Texas’s finest – even though we’re not in Texas, that’s where I got it FROM –I got it over on the corner of 8th and Maine. In case you don’t know, that’s the spot. So go hit up that spot and tell ‘em DJ CLAY sent you. Get you a fat bag of that OOOwwee and you’ll be smoking what I am smoking.

Wrestling, killer rhymes, and friends with good shopping advice. What more can a fan ask? There’s a week left until Halloween, and I am seriously contemplating buying a plane ticket to Detroit to catch HallOwicked at the Fillmore. With the economy the way it is, I might just have to settle for catching the daily updates on the hotline. I suggest you do the same.


Pat is currently in Ufa, Russia for a teaching Fulbright.  Read about his experiences at his blog www.pjpassarelli.com

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